A Sustainable House Protects the Environment and Also Saves You Money

What is a sustainable house? A sustainable house is a home which is a healthy environment for everyone in the household (even your pets) which is free of the synthetic, often toxic building materials which are often used in home construction. A sustainable house is less aggravating to those with allergies and safer than a traditional home to live in.

A Sustainable house is healthy

Building a sustainable home is more environmentally friendly as well as having a much higher air quality indoors than many homes. A lot of building materials and furniture contain formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen as well as being an irritant to the nose, throat, and skin – many are allergic to this chemical as well. Materials which often contain formaldehyde include plywood, fabrics and furniture upholstery.

In a sustainable house, the furniture and building materials alike will be made from organic fibres and be free of toxic finishes. Since 1980, the rates of asthma have doubled; something which has been linked to the indoor air quality in our homes – the air quality in our homes can be as much as 100 times worse than the air outside, even in a polluted area.

A Sustainable house is energy efficient

The newer models of heating systems, water heaters and other appliances are far more energy efficient than are the older models which are still in use in many homes. Compact fluorescent bulbs use 80% energy than older incandescent bulbs, making them a popular choice for homeowners. A lot of homeowners are choosing to make their homes not only sustainable but also energy efficient by insulating and sealing windows and doors, along with installing programmable thermostats.

Other small steps which can make a big difference are changing your furnace filters regularly, using low-flow showerheads and insulating your water heater. Making sure that your attic is well insulated can also greatly reduce your heating and cooling costs while using less energy.

A sustainable house uses green products

With interest in green building on the rise, green building products are much more readily available. There are non-toxic wood finishes and paints – and there are even options for sustainable wood out there. One particularly popular sustainable wood choice is bamboo flooring. These green building products are not only sustainable but also attractive, increasing the value of your sustainable house. You can also find carpets which are made from natural materials like wool or carpets made from recycled materials.

All these efforts of making your home green are in agreement with the built environment sustainability code which is meant to protect our environment and at the same time reduce our energy bills by providing other renewable energy sources. If you are constructing your home soon, you should contact experts dealing with sustainable home designs who will come and evaluate your house plan to determine if it’s sustainable or not. Their score card will help you know what you can improve on to make your design more sustainable.

Finding a Reputable Home Inspector When Purchasing a House

People who have already bought homes of their own or those who know a thing or two about real estate and houses will tell you that there’s no perfect home. Technically, you’ll always find something wrong with any property, even those that are newly-built. However, some houses are damaged in more serious ways than other houses, which is what you want to avoid when you are looking for a house to buy.

For example, if a couple decides to look at a home for sale, they typically look the house over during the daytime. Imagine how frustrating it can be if they moved into the house and discovered that at night, it’s covered with bugs and is badly infested with insects. Not only will they be emotionally distressed because they’re paying a lot of money to keep the house, they probably won’t be able to sell it at a good price. Also, if they decide to sue the seller, they’ll be locked in a legal battle which will cost a fortune and will take much time to come to a decision. It’s important to understand that not all sellers may be aware of the state of their property, especially if it’s not their primary home. Therefore they could not have disclosed this issue if they didn’t know about it in the first place.

Getting building inspections is a great way of finding out whether the property you’re buying has some serious issues. Let’s say for example that you want to buy houses for sale in Adelaide. After looking through homes for sale, you made an offer on a particular property. Having it inspected for the common issues as well as for specialised, more in-depth issues like mould and infestations will at least assure you that you’re making a sound investment in a house that works as it should.

Here are a few useful tips when looking for building inspectors Adelaide to look at the house you want to buy:

  1. Is the inspector associated with a reputable organisation? – When you’re seeking to invest in a piece of real estate, you’ll want to make sure that the inspector thoroughly inspects the house. One way of filtering out fly by night companies is by asking if they are members of inspection organisations. Reputable groups usually have stringent requirements on the quality of work and qualifications of their members.
  2. Ask family and friends if they can recommend an inspector – One of the best sources would be the people you trust. If they have experience dealing with home inspectors who were prompt, professional, and thorough, not just with their inspection but also with their reports, then you can be pointed in the right direction. Many good building inspectors Adelaide will do their best to satisfy their customers because, like many businesses, they thrive on good word-of-mouth advertisement.
  3. Conduct a background check – Check on review websites if there had been complaints filed against the company you are thinking of hiring. Ask the inspector if they have former customers who will vouch for their job and follow through with this by giving the references a call.

Why go For Custom Made Timber Furniture?

Custom made furniture are created with the sole purpose of meeting the specific needs of the customer regarding space and the unique design already in place. Making the right choice of the custom furniture means that one has to go through different design possibilities during the process of finding a unique match for the home.

Paying attention to all the details will produce a high-quality finish. The type, size of and finish may be personally selected according to your taste and the design to be used.

Why not buy discount furniture and save big?

Discount furniture is very general, and will not bring that unique feel in your home or office. Or do you want to own a piece of furniture that everyone else has in their home? Of course, I know you are looking for something different.

On the other hand, custom timber furniture design Australia can add that accent to your living room and match the design of your other elements like carpet, wall colour and add a cohesive theme. Custom furniture has a personality and will last for many decades, unlike the generic furniture which makes it a worth investment.

Custom made timber furniture are critical and will be passed from one generation to the other as they are made to last. The furniture becomes an heirloom that you will be proud to pass on to your family’s next generation.

Some benefits of custom made timber furniture

The main advantage is that they are totally customisable. You can fit the furniture the way you want regarding the space available, the colour and the design you want.

Such furniture is interactive. By this, I mean a desk or a coffee table becomes less a product that you buy and more of a process in which you participated.

Contrary to what many people think that custom timber furniture design Australia is very expensive, the truth is that they are not. It all depends on your budget and the design you want. You will be surprised to find how affordable the furniture is. Just visit a furniture store, and you will not believe it.

Custom furniture will always look good

Custom made timber furniture is unique and is crafted with a lot of care to detail. The furniture designers will spend a lot of time perfecting their work, and the result will be there to speak for themselves. It will last for ages.

Always remember that custom made furniture is precious and will have a good resale value. What you pay for the custom made furniture is an investment that you will not only enjoy today, but you will be able to sell quickly or let your family inherit a valuable piece when you are gone. Invest in custom timber furniture today and be unique.

Consider these things when Hiring a Plumber Adelaide

To ensure that your plumbing job is done correctly, it is important that the plumber you hire has the required training and experience. However, these days many plumbers Adelaide are semi-skilled with half knowledge about this work. They mostly depend on marketing for getting their customers. Unfortunately, most clients fall victim to them and end up wasting their time and money. One is required to go through rigorous training and practice to become proficient. Many plumbing agencies claim to offer quality services but their professionals are inexperienced and have limited skills to fix may be just a pipe leakage and other such minor problems.

It is important for you to hire a plumber who is known for quality service at affordable rates. Thus, to avail both, it is important that you check out the reputation of the plumbing service whose professional you are considering to hire. Here are a few things you must keep in mind before hiring anyone for the plumbing problem.

Knowledgeable and experienced

One of the best ways to identify a qualified plumber is through his experience. Ask him since how long he is in this field. Ask him a few intelligent questions to judge his capabilities. Many inefficient plumbers do not even know which type of tools they must use. Therefore, they can damage your plumbing fixtures.


The fee must not be too high. So make sure you finalise the rates once the plumber has seen the job to be done. If the price suits you, you can ask him to go ahead else look for another one. Even before you call him, you must get an idea about his fee and call him only if it suits your pocket.


It is essential that the plumber you hire should know his role. Even the initiative to clean up the mess is part of his responsibilities. He should certainly not be the ones who keep things messy. While doing the plumbing work, there are much little debris which gets scattered here and there. A responsible and professional person will make sure that when the work is complete, he clears the mess.


Plumbers Adelaide should be punctual. Plumbing issues are never minor, and they should always be taken up seriously. Thus, it is important that the professional you hire is efficient and professional enough to do his job on time. It will help you be tension-free and relaxed.


Try to get information from the website, family, and friends to be sure that you are hiring the right person. It is best to call someone who has been tried by someone known before. If you are finding online, do read the reviews or testimonials, if available. You can also try this website for more information on how to find a reputable plumber.