Dental Implants Help Replace Missing Teeth

Tooth loss is not uncommon in today’s world. Some people lose teeth due to genetics, others due to accidents and still others due to poor dental hygiene. However, just because one loses teeth does not mean that he or she has to live a life with missing teeth or a life with dentures.

Dental implants Adelaide have become more popular these past few years. Implants require no bridges or dentures to fill the gap that missing teeth create. Additionally, once the area has healed, people can resume their regular lifestyles without worrying about extra attention to the implant.

An increasing number of dentists and dental specialists are encouraging their patients to receive implants for many reasons. They implants look natural, improve speech, help maintain the face’s natural aesthetics and preserve the surrounding teeth because they do not need to be altered to place an implant.

People should realise though, that not everyone is an ideal candidate for dental implants. The patient’s jaw bone must be healthy and durable enough to support the implant during the recovery process and after it has resumed normal functions.

Thus someone with significant bone loss and strength should not be instructed to receive the treatment. The best candidates need to have a healthy and strong bone with impeccable oral hygiene. Smokers or people with any number of health disorders should be wary of agreeing to the process without thoroughly examining their options.

Only when the patient, dentist, and periodontist are in agreement can the process begin. Receiving a dental implant is a detailed process and requires coordination between the dentist and the periodontist to obtain the desired results.

It is typically a three-part process concluding a few months after the initial process has been completed. The first step is implanting a titanium rod to act as the implant’s stabiliser. This rod will go directly to the jaw bone and can take up to three months to join to the bone securely.

When that step is finished, the periodontist creates an abutment which will directly hold the implant. During this time the periodontist will take a mould of the mouth and put a temporary crown in the implant’s place which will stay until the final tooth is ready to be inserted.

However, it is not as easy as crafting a new tooth and then implanting it. The periodontist will analyse the patient’s teeth to ensure that the colour, size, and shape are an exact match. One of the reasons implants have done so well with the public is because they are impossible to tell from the real things.

The patient can resume his or her normal lifestyle and eating habits once the implant is in place and has properly healed. Implant procedure has very minimal pain, and most can be remedied by simple over the counter pain relievers.

The advancements in dental technology have permitted many people not to have to live a life with missing teeth or with dentures. Today’s dental implants Adelaide are very natural looking and require no special treatment once the procedure is completely healed.