Don’t Forget Building Inspections When Buying a House

It is in a ‘buyers’ property market that the need to hire a professional pre-purchase building inspector becomes crucial. Lack of competition between buyers and the lower level of positive sentiment for the real estate market generates a sense of increased fear and caution.

When buying a property, it is more common for a property sale to fall apart because Adelaide building inspections reported some defects that would usually be considered minor or typical for age. In the real estate market, there are more choices for you when buying a home or building and ‘another opportunity’ is always around the corner. For this reason, never buy a house with issues since you can still do research and find a home/building without many flaws.

Before a buyer decides to buy a home or building, he/she should engage with a building inspector. A building inspector as mentioned above will help when it comes to checking the structural integrity of the building. For example, if you’re buying a pre-owned home, many problems might exist. However, the seller will try to conceal them by newly repainting the house.

It might lure you as a buyer into believing that the house is ok and that there are no problems from what you can see. But by hiring a professional building inspector, they know what to check in a pre-owned home. They will examine the basement, the roof, the walls, the foundation etc. Also, they will inspect the existing systems, e.g. the plumbing wiring system. In fact, you will be shocked to read a building inspection report and find out that everything you thought was okay is not and the house is a total mess. In this stage, all you can do is negotiate a fair deal or terminate the transaction.

Many people tend to forego building inspections for fear of the hefty cost of paying building inspectors. However, this is far from the truth. First building inspections are not expensive and depend on the size and location of the property. Second, what if you fail to do a home inspection, you buy a home/building and later find out that the house was a mess and you need to do lots or repairs to bring back the house to shape?

Home repairs are costly, and you will soon find out that the Adelaide building inspections cost is nothing compared to the cost of repairing your home or building. The inspections are meant to protect you from buying damaged home unknowingly. Any smart buyer will be ready to spend a few hundred dollars to have the home inspected and avoid future surprises that can turn to be very expensive. Be a smart buyer!