Advantages of Evaporative AC Systems

There are compelling advantages you will appreciate once you make the switch to evaporative air conditioning. It is a system for cooling your home or whatever indoor space that does not carry with it the burden of installation and maintenance found in a conventional air conditioning setup. Also, evaporative ACs do not compromise on performance and reliability.

If you are someone utterly concerned about your utility bills, then you probably already know that your split type or window air conditioning unit is the one responsible for the spike on your monthly energy expenses. With evaporative cooling, you get the same comfort without paying for increased electricity bills.

Maximum Efficiency

It is no secret that every Australian is feeling the heat of the ever-increasing energy costs. At first, you feel like you have no choice but to accept it, especially when the summer season arrives. However, there is a practical solution to your utility bill woes, and that is to switch from refrigerated AC to evaporative air conditioning. One of the best things about evaporative systems of cooling is that the running costs are considerably lower compared to the standard AC you already have installed at home. To achieve improved efficiency, you can switch to your evaporative cooler instead of using your refrigerated AC equipment all the time.

Improved Air Quality

The arrival of summer usually means that indoor quality is not as favourable compared to the rest of the year. Fortunately, fresh indoor air is one of the benefits you get if you invest and use evaporative air conditioning at home. What it does is provide cool and fresh air from the outside instead of recirculating the same air indoors. The concept of drawing air outside via its cooling pads is reinforced by a filter that ensures the elimination of pollen as well as other impurities from the air. So, if you or someone at home is prone to getting allergies, an evaporative cooler affords the perfect solution.

Minimal Maintenance

Another remarkable advantage of evaporative coolers is that you do not have to spend the same amount of money on maintenance costs to that of the conventional refrigerated air conditioning unit. While you still must work with a qualified technician to have your unit checked for efficiency and preventive repairs, the truth is the money you expect to shell out for maintenance won’t break the bank.


You probably already have experienced at some point when your air conditioning system causes the air to dry out, which in turn makes the room uncomfortable. Aside from that, refrigerated also use chemicals that may cause damage to the environment. On the other hand, evaporative coolers use nothing but water and electricity to cool indoor air. Hence, you do not expect it to harm the environment. The cooled air in the concept of evaporative cooling does not re-circulate; instead, there is an influx of fresh air if the cooler is running.