Signs that Your Child Needs Speech Therapy

It is true that children develop and improve intellectual and physical skills differently. Some see development earlier than others. As a parent, you always hope that your child learns and progresses at the average or typical pace. However, you cannot be overly confident and just assume that your young one will take care of his or her development. For instance, there are issues with a speech that you must learn how to detect so that you can intervene.

Speech Therapist AdelaideChildren and toddlers who suffer from speech or communication disordersaretypical in Australia, which is why many parents choose to go to a speech therapist Adelaide to proceed with early intervention. Being a responsible parent, you of all people must recognise that early intervention is the best possible treatment for speech or communication problems in kids. The idea of going to a speech therapist is to get a professional evaluation. No other expert provides an accurate look at your child when it comes to speech issues than someone who is trained and skilled in speech therapy.

Here is a look at some of the tell-tale signs that your child needs intervention via speech therapy:

1 – Your child does not regularly interact socially with other children.

If your baby does not develop the habit of smiling or interacting with others from infancy up to three months, it already is a sign that he or she might suffer from speech or language disorder when he or she gets older. The same thing goes for an infant who does not babble upon reaching seven months. If your baby does not make gestures like pointing upon reaching 12 months, intervention is a necessity.

2 – Your toddler has very few words or gestures up his or her sleeves.

For a toddler who is between 12 to 18 months, making sounds, words, and gestures is expected. In fact, a one-year-old kid must be able to say a handful of words already. Upon reaching 18 months and he or she can only babble, it is a sign that you find time to visit a speech therapist Adelaide.

3 – It is difficult to understand what your child is saying, even when he or she is already two years old.

It may be true that only the mom and dad understand what a child says for the most part. However, speech must already be clear to anyone once the child reaches two years. If not, seeking a speech therapist’s help must be a priority.

If you live in Australia, finding a speech therapist is not that difficult as there are more than a handful of qualified ones in all regions. If you have no idea where to startyour search, it is best that you get a referral from your local school system. You also can ask for suggestions from your friends, co-workers, or even neighbours who happen to have a child with a speech disorder.