Audi Service Specialist Adelaide – The Ultimate Maintenance & Accessories Centre for Every Audi Owner

We know just how important your Audi is to you. That’s why we partnered with the official Audi company here in Australia to bring you the “candy land” for all Audi car owners and enthusiasts. Audi Service Specialist Adelaide is the ultimate maintenance and accessories centre here in beautiful Adelaide. Our commitment towards you is unparalleled – we make sure your Audi gets the tender loving care it deserves.

About Audi Service Specialist Adelaide

We are an independent family owned and operated Audi service specialist centre here in Adelaide. We’ve been active in the auto service industry for since 1996. We pride ourselves on our extreme professionalism and fast turnaround time. We match this with our high-quality work and performance in serving our valued clients. We focus exclusively on Audi vehicles, as part of our contract with Audi Australia. Our centre is accredited and is licensed to operate, so you won’t have to worry about legitimacy.


Our Focus on Excellence

We never conduct any unauthorised work on your Audi vehicle without your official approval. Once your Audi arrives at the centre, we will perform a complete checkup of the entire vehicle. We’ll document ever issue and discuss it with you afterwards. You will then be given the option to have us fix everything or prioritise on one. You can also avail our packages, which comprises of a quarterly to yearly maintenance check that includes washing, engine wash, change oil, repairs, and other maintenance services. We can also arrange a drop and collect within a reasonable distance within our centre.


Why We’re the Best Service Centre for Your Audi

Audi Service Specialist Adelaide is committed to excellence. We have a complete roster of professionals down to the very last detail of your car. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by doing our best and charging for less compared to other Audi service centres. Our turnaround time is nothing short of fantastic.


As an incentive to our valued customers, we also offer a 4% discount before tax on advertised minor and major service specials to loyal clients who advertise our logo on the rear windscreen of their Audi vehicle.



Bring Your Audi to Us Today!

We’re ready and waiting for your ride to enter our gates. We’re the only centre you’ll want for all of your Audi needs. Call us today to book a reservation, or you can just head directly to our centre in downtown Adelaide.