Creating a Modern Bathroom With Tiles

Upgrading and modernising a bathroom is a great way to add value to your home. Even if you’re not planning on moving anytime soon, your bathroom is one room you are guaranteed to visit every day and should be a haven of tranquillity and peace. With so many bathroom styles to choose from, it can be hard to know what to do to make your bathroom your own.

Read further and find what can be done in a bathroom to add character, charm, and style, and what gorgeous tiles you should select to make the look complete.

  1. The Contemporary Bathroom

Think of the last good hotel where you stayed. Consider the en-suite. Were there no elements of this design that you would love to bring into your home? Contemporary bathrooms are all about hiding away the things we no longer wish to see and bringing the most stylish and aesthetic elements of a bathroom.

Floating sink and toilet units are a must, as cisterns and plinths only serve to make more clutter in a stylish, modern space. If you’re going for the most stylish looks, why not go all out with eye-catching metallic tiles on the floor, and some complementary colours on the walls and splash backs?

  1. Homey but modern

Of course, you might find the whole hotel en-suite a little bland for your taste, in which case the “homey” yet modern look will be perfect for you. Think about natural colours, neutral tones and understated, modern fittings that make the most of your space.

Here you can splash out on some natural tiles. Sandstone works beautifully in this type of bathroom, as does polished granite and if the budget allows marble. There is also a variety of wood looking stone tiles on the market right now, all of which can enhance the look of your flooring without the worry of real wood or laminate floor.

  1. Vintage beauty

Of course, there is one style that will always be popular, and that’s the vintage look. Best for generously sized bathrooms, this look is all about elegance and luxury. Think free standing roll top baths, modern chairs style and huge, gold taps.

Chequered floors work brilliantly with the vintage style, but don’t feel you have to go for the traditional black and white. In this type of bathroom, you can contrast a cream colour with a sandstone colour and achieve a stunning effect, but without the star contrast of plain black and white.

However you choose to make over your bathroom, tiling the floors and walls is one way you can add longevity to the structure with a style that will outlive any passing trends. Whether you choose porcelain, natural stone, or ceramic tiles they will all last for many, many years and it will be easy to maintain it.

As you can see, one way of improving the look of your bathroom is to install tiles. For this reason, you need to purchase your tiles only from the best suppliers. To be sure of quality and affordability, consider tiles by They deal with a variety of quality tiles, and you are sure to find a bathroom tile that fits your needs.


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