Should You Hire an Event Rigger?

The responsibility of organising an event wherein you expect a massive audience means that you likely will set up a stage. While your forte is handling every little detail of the event, there are technical aspects that you cannot possibly cover all by yourself. It is why it remains a practical decision to work with event rigging companies.

If your event requires hanging stuff like lighting, decorations, banners, and sound systems, then it means you need people who are willing to go up there and set everything up. The concept of event rigging is to hang materials and equipment overhead. It is an integral part of the production setup for events like concerts and shows. Since the job comes with certain risks, it means that you only must work with a reliable and qualified company. Be sure you determine if the company you plan on working with employ people who are trained to do the job. These people are referred to as professional riggers, and they are equipped with the skills, knowledge, as well as the equipment and tools to set up everything with utmost efficiency and safety in mind.

There is what we refer to as aerial riggers, wherein the job usually includes putting decors like chandeliers, light balloons, and drapes. Furthermore, it may consist of audio-visual production such as lights, speakers, large screen, and projectors. Event rigging likewise deals with putting up banners and signages, especially in sponsored events.

The decision to hire event rigging companies will depend on the scale of your event. For instance, if you are holding a mini-concert in a small theatre with around a hundred expected viewers, then you may not need a rigger. But if you are in charge of organising a show with massive production and thousands of viewers and fans, it means you will most likely benefit from an event rigger.

Not many people realise that the job of the event rigger is crucial because their work corresponds to producing ample space in the stage. The reason why some components need to be hanged and suspended is to maximise space in the stage, where entertainers get to move conveniently and comfortably without bumping into electrical, lighting, sound, wiring, and other components.

Before you start your search for a professional event rigging company, you must know that tapping their services means spending a considerable amount of money. It is not like you are hiring a bunch of people to move things here and there. Event riggers are professionals, and they use sophisticated equipment to do their job. They also are licensed and insured, which means they guarantee a successful setup for the price. So, if you plan on getting their services at a low cost, then you are in for a rude awakening.