How to Install a Pet Door – What You Need to Know

There are many benefits of having pet access to your garage door. There are simple ways to put one in, and you can often do it on your own with the tools you have. You will need to buy the pet door first, so you can take measurements, and cut the space to fit. Before you do, look at the garage door itself, and measure the height of the panel, so you don’t buy a pet door that is taller than this height.

What you need to install a pet door in your garage door is a level, tape measure, drill and bits, a jigsaw, screwdrivers, pencils, a carpenter’s square, some sandpaper, and caulking. With these items gathered up, and the pet door, you are ready to start. You should think about where you are going to put the door. It should be away from any brackets or braces for the door itself and be at least two inches above the bottom of the garage door.

Measure where the top of the opening of the door is, and make a mark with a pencil. Use the T square to create vertical and horizontal lines, and the level to make sure these are drawn right. Then you need to mark the opening you will need. Sometimes that pet door will come with a security panel, and you can use these to make sure the measurements are right. Double check the level of the lines and the size by holding up the frame.

The next step is to drill a hole in each corner since this will make beautiful, rounded edges. Then you should use the jigsaw, starting at each hole and following the line marks, to cut the whole thing out. Now some things to note about using the jigsaw. One you need to make sure that the blade is the right kind to cut the door material, and you need to have some patience.

Don’t force the blade, let it do its job. If you get too impatient or try to make the blade work harder, you are going to not only have jagged edges, but you may not follow the line. Sand the rough edges of a smooth line then you’re ready to install the door.

As you can see, pet door installation Adelaide is not easy especially if you do not have the DIY skills and the tools. The best thing is to leave this to the professionals. There are many experts out there who can offer pet door installation services and deliver quality services. By hiring an expert, you will need not buy the tools, and the work will be professional. Just do your research and ensure that you only hire the best experts.