How the Inertia Health Group Can Make Your Life Better

Are you suffering from a devastating injury? Is a chronic disorder giving you a hard time? Are you sick and tired of being ill? Do you want to change your life for the better? If you can relate to one or all of these circumstances, then you need the help of the Inertia Health Group. We’ll make sure that you will get the proper treatment you deserve and help you overcome whatever health condition you currently have.

We’re Here to Help

Stop Ignoring your condition and start making a difference by actually doing something about it. The Inertia Health Group offers various health services that target whatever your circumstance. We have a roster of capable doctors and therapists that will help remedy and treat your condition. We provide the following services:


  • Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapy will treat various kinds of diseases, injuries, physical deformities, and pain. Our registered physiotherapists use different physical methods such as massage, exercise, and heat treatment to help alleviate your condition and restore your body to its natural state. Our physiotherapy programme does not use any kinds of drugs or surgery. We ensure 100% all-natural procedures.



  • Podiatry

Our podiatry services will help treat your feet and all of the ailments that originate from it. Our podiatrists are devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of the various disorders of your foot, ankle, and lower extremities. Regular sessions will ensure the prevention of diseases and foot conditions like arthritis, Athlete’s foot, flat foot, hammer toes, and so much more.


  • Remedial Massage

Our medical massage services cater to the specific problem that our patients have. We first start with a diagnosis, which would factor towards the type of massage and pressure that you’re going to get. Our remedial massage therapists are skilled at targeting and hitting the pain points in your body, which helps alleviate the pain you’re feeling and restore your body’s natural functioning.


  • Nutrition & Dietetics

Apart from our array of physical treatments, we will also develop the right nutrition plan for you. The Inertia Health Group aims to provide you with the most effective healthcare with a strong emphasis on dietary advice and lifestyle change. We believe that everything you put in your mouth will factor greatly towards your overall health. That’s why we also add the proper dietary plan to help boost your metabolism and get your body in the direction towards full recovery.


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At the Inertia Health Group, we are always looking towards the health and welfare of our patients. We want you to recover from whatever health condition that you’re suffering. So if you want us to help you, book an appointment today by visiting our official website. Call our hotline at (08) 8359 2022 to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. We’ll be more than happy to accommodate your needs. Book now!