Scenarios at Home That Require You to Call a Plumber

Calling for the services of a plumber is something that every homeowner will experience. A pipe burst will inevitably cause flooding everywhere, and that is one of the examples why you don’t hesitate to make that call. However, there are instances wherein the need to call plumbers Gawler – may not be as blatantly obvious. So today, we provide a list of signs below for you to remember why you should call a plumber even if you think that the problem is not that serious right at first glance.

1 – You experience running toilets all the time.

You need to call a plumber as soon as possible if your toilet randomly runs and you can hear water filling into the tank even though there is no one using it. Most of the people tend to accept a toilet that randomly runs as they believe it is only a noisy toilet when it’s not. They fail to realise that noisy toilet could significantly increase water bills. In fact, the leading cause of unexpected water bills is running toilets. So, if that is the case, it only means that the seal connecting the tank and bowl is already defective. Fortunately, this issue can be easily fixed with the help of a professional plumber.

2 – You are annoyed by your damp basement.

Poor insulation and rainwater flooding are usually the most common reasons why your basement is damp often; however, there are also some scenarios where it can be due to leaky pipes. If you regularly see some collected water in your basement but fail to pinpoint where on earth it does come from, don’t worry because a plumber can expertly identify the source of the problem. Excess water on floors and walls can undeniably lead to a huge bunch of problems; the least among all is moulds. You will not only face costly fixings due to moulds, but the health of your family may be put at risk too. Thus, if you are experiencing excess water in your basement, it is imperative that you call a plumber immediately.

3 – Your bathtub is having trouble draining.

No doubt, the first solution that comes to your mind if your bathtub or shower takes forever to drain is to clean the top and pour out to its insides some liquid solutions for clogging. Although this effectively works sometimes, most drains that have accumulated over time will undoubtedly require professional intervention from plumbers Gawler – Keep in mind that both of your bathtub and shower should drain out as instant as possible. So, it is only reasonable to call a plumber if the water in your tub or shower takes a long time before it drains.