Retaining Wall: Why It is Not a DIY Project

Building a retaining wall seems like an easy job, but it is not. Retaining walls are common landscaping project more so in sloped areas. However, the work involved in building a retaining wall is immense. But there are always property owners that are ready to take the risk and handle the project the DIY way instead of hiring a retaining wall builder. Doing it on your own may be easy or hard depending on your DIY skills, the purposes of the wall and also the design and materials you are using. Although there are a few DIYers that get it right, many get it wrong. In this digital article, we will touch on a few reasons why you should not attempt a retaining wall building project.


When building a retaining wall, the first thing you need to do is to decide the purpose of the wall. It can either be for aesthetics value, to reduce soil erosion, to reclaim unused land etc. With the goal in mind, choosing the right type of retaining wall will be easy. Many people make mistakes at this stage. Someone will decide to install a wall that he/she has seen at a neighbours property because it looks beautiful and easy to construct. If you go with the wrong wall, you will not achieve your results. Since you do not have the information, the chances are that you will make the wrong choice and the whole project will be a waste. It is where a retaining wall builder Perth comes in to give you the right advice.


Another costly mistake when building a retaining wall the DIY way is when choosing the right materials. There are different materials you can use to construct your retaining wall. Your decisions here will depend on the purpose of the wall, the design, your budget and also availability of the materials. Many DIYers will rush to using wood. It is because wood is affordable and not at all difficult to handle. But will a wood retailing wall do the job right? Well, these depend again on the purpose of the wall. You need advice from a Retaining Wall Builder Perth to know which materials to use. Otherwise, if you use wood blindly, you will end up with a broken wall.



Another costly mistake DIYers make is failing to get a building permit. Like many other home and landscaping project, you need to have a permit when it comes to designing and building a retaining wall. Without a permit, your structure is illegal, and you might end up losing your investment. Since you do not know which retaining wall projects require building permits, you need the help of a Retaining Wall Builder Perth. The experts have lots of experience in the industry and know when and when not to seek permission. They will also ensure that the designs get the local authority approval before building. As seen there are many mistakes you can make when building a retaining wall the DIY way and hence the need to avoid such projects.