Modern Livestock Feeds Preservation Methods – Net Wrap

The use of modern agricultural tool and products have increased in the recent past. In fact, more and more technologies are discovered with the aim of reducing the production cost and maximising the output. In livestock farming, one of the greatest inventions of all time is the modern methods of animal feeds preservation. In the past, it was not easy to preserve quality animal feeds. Most of the old animal feed preservation methods were ineffective for the large-scale farmers.

Upon realising that farmers were suffering, the agricultural experts came up with baling products. These baling products have eased animal feeds preservation, and today livestock farmers can easily preserve animal feeds without having to worry about low quality or high investments.

When we talk about the baling products, it is all about using the net wrap, silage wrap, baling twine, silage film etc. These are plastic products that have unique features which makes them ideal when it comes to protecting the baled feeds. To put it clear, when you want to preserve hay, you need not make the square bales and transport them to a storage space.

With the modern technology, all you need is harvest your grass, make round bales and then wrap using the net wrap. By using the net wrapping material, you don’t need to have a storage space which makes it easier for large-scale livestock farmers to preserve as much feeds as they can. The reason is that the net wrap has unique features that allow the bales to survive in the harsh outdoor weather.

For example, it has water shedding capabilities which ensure there is no spoilage due to moisture and rainwater. Also, its UV stable and this keeps the baled feeds protected from the harsh sun rays. The fact that the net wrap is made for strong material means it is sturdy and tear-proof and so transporting is easy.

As you can see from above, today is possible to preserve as much feeds as a farmer would want to without worrying about spoilage. However, the only way you can be sure that there will be no spoilage is purchasing from the best round bale net wrap suppliers. Not all suppliers can be trusted, and so you need to research to find a reliable baling products supplier.

By buying from the best supplier, you can be sure of getting a quality net wrap at an affordable price. The best supplier should give you a warranty for the supplied baling products. The warrant should guarantee that the net wrap can survive the harsh Australian weather for at least 12 months. With such guarantee, you can guarantee that the preserved hay is safe from any damage.