Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioning is essential as it helps to deal with extreme temperatures and creates a conducive environment for you. An air conditioner uses a refrigerant to compress hot air. The compressed air leaves the compressor as high pressure and high-temperature vapour towards the condenser where it is condensed into a cold fluid. The cooling fluid then cools your house and the cycle repeats.



Air conditioning units offer you great comfort during winter and summer seasons. In winter, the conditioner provides warm air to protect you from extreme cold. During summer, it keeps the temperature inside your house cool making it a safe place to be. Air conditioners also keep away dust particles and ensure the free flow of fresh air. It helps you and your family enjoy good health by preventing diseases and allergies caused by dust particles. Therefore, if you do not have an AC system in place, it is time to contact Teco air conditioning for the best AC units.


Air conditioning machines require proper maintenance to operate efficiently. It is crucial for you to learn the maintenance procedures to reap maximum benefits of air conditioning. Below are some critical air conditioner maintenance procedures.


Regular Cleaning


It is essential to regularly clean your air filters as this helps to remove accumulated dust particles. Also, be sure to clean the exterior of your conditioner to get rid of the accumulated dirt. It helps to allow the proper flow of fresh air through the system. When cleaning, be sure to turn off the conditioner and wash the parts gently to avoid damage. If the filter is in poor condition, replacing it with a new one is a better option compared to repairing it.


Unit Wiring Checkup


Electrical connection of your air conditioner is a crucial part that needs a regular checkup. You can use a test meter to check whether the unit capacitor needs replacement. Also, check whether the switches are in good condition. You may consider hiring an air conditioner expert to help you repair the wiring connections of your conditioner.


Condensing Unit Checkup


You should regularly check the condenser unit to be sure it is in excellent condition. Check for cracks in the unit and repair them immediately. Also, lubricate the motor of the air conditioner to help it propel easily.


Replacing a Mechanical Thermostate with a Programmable Thermostat


A programmable thermostat helps you to manage the temperatures in your house quickly and comfortably compared to a mechanical one. To improve the services of your air conditioner, you should regularly check the thermostat to ensure it works correctly. A good thermostat consumes less energy, and therefore, save on the cost of running the conditioner.

Air conditioning maintenance significantly improves your system to help you enjoy a comfortable atmosphere. You should hire an expert from Teco air conditioning to do these maintenance procedures for you to ensure that your conditioner functions perfectly.